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In Today's competitive business world you know how important it is to have a clean and presentable facility - and how difficult it is to find a cleaning service that consistently delivers what it promises.
You need a cleaning service that views its customers as lifetime partners and delivers dependable quality service at all times. Serious City Services Limited understands the cleaning problems that office and property managers face today. We have created a program that addresses all of your cleaning concerns.
Our goal is to exceed your cleaning standards, and to free up the time you spend on cleaning issues for more important business matters. In Serious City Services Limited we have a team of trained cleaning professionals, all of whom have a vested interest in our company and share in its success. All Serious City Services Limited personell have an enthusiastic, do-it-right attitude, every day at every location.
That's exactly the kind of service you want and should expect. Our staff are trained to respect the individual workspace of retail locations, yet provide necessary cleaning and maintenance services. Our Services cover General clean, Floor Clean, Stone care, Common/ Office areas, Individual Workspaces/Offices, Kitchens, and Bathrooms.

We cover all Dublin areas . We are FULLY INSURED !
Serious City Services provides a wide range of Cleaning & Gardening Professional services.

We pay special attention to areas that can escape the attention of other cleaning companies. We care about your work environment and use environmentally preferred cleaning products and equipment. Special odor-control products leave your facility smelling fresh and clean, not overly disinfected.

From wiping with color-coded microfiber rags to eliminate cross contamination to the use of environmentally preferred cleaning products, we keep in mind the environmental health of your workplace. 

FLOOR CLEAN - Our floor cleaning assures hard surfaces are left residue-free, reducing slip potential and assuring a streak-free shine.

Carpet care uses allergy-reducing filters and environmentally preferred odor control.

Our staff is trained to respect the personal work-space of individual cubicles and offices, yet provide necessary cleaning and maintenance services.We use environmentally preferred hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning product that is Green Seal certified to maintain a clean and healthy work environment. Some highlights of our services include:

-Dusting of surfaces and sills
-Germicidal cleaning of telephones
-Empty and re-line of all rubbish bins
-Removal of finger marks and smudges from doors, jams and light switches
-All glass surfaces cleaned
-Clean and sanitizing of water coolers
-Carpet cleaning and floor buffing
-We also give special attention to bathrooms, floors and Reception areas.

Office with Hanging Lights


Serious City Services is here to support businesses in keeping their premises clean and ready for customers. From every aspect of cleaning , to window and carpet cleaning, we have all areas covered. We can work around your business hours to avoid interfering .

Modern Kitchen


Professional Service


Spring Cleaning includes some heavy cleaning jobs, that take more effort and time. Our technicians are very experienced and organised, so they are able to get the job done in no time. They will vacuum and mop floors; vacuum soft furnishing; dust, damp wipe and polish all surfaces, fixtures and decorations; de-grease and sanitise kitchen appliances and worktops, scrub, de-scale and disinfect bathrooms and toilets; wash the windows from inside. We will disinfect every nook of the room, that could be breeding ground for bacteria and ensure a hygienically clean and healthy home for you and your family.

We used to called it spring cleaning, because usually we freshen the in-door environment after the winter closure. Although, spring cleaning could be done anytime of the year, preferably every season. We provide our one off cleaning as hourly based service, so you choose for yourself how much time will be necessary for job completion. You point out your priorities, we carry out the cleaning to perfection.

Our cleaning services
Our standards are very high, our rates very competitive and we have full liability insurance. Serious City Services Limited offers a full range of reliable domestic cleaning from a one off basic domestic clean to a complete full spring clean.
With our team of skilled and experienced cleaners we offer a quality controlled fully guaranteed cleaning service. We are happy to quote for any work large or small without obligation. Our cleaning prices are charged by the hour per cleaner with no hidden costs.
- party cleaning
- pre/post letting cleaning
- apartment blocks and full building service
- janitorial services
- after builders cleaning
- industrial cleaning services

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